Solar-powered battery pack

higarden runs on a highly efficient solar panel, which harnesses the power of the sun to water your plants. To guarantee that higarden also runs on days with little or no sun, collected surplus energy is stored in a durable battery pack.

No socket required

Fully packed with high performing solar panels, higarden is completely independent from electricity, cables and sockets. For additional reassurance, we also provide an electric adapter just in case you would like to use it in areas with little direct sunlight.
Over 2 weeks water capacity

2+ weeks water capacity

Thanks to its generous water tank. higarden allows for two weeks of watering cycles.

Intelligent humidity sensor

higarden uses an intelligent humidity-sensor in the soil that recognizes when your plants need to be watered. If the soil becomes too dry, the water pump is activated, and ensures water is distributed as required.

Optimal watering

Thanks to a clever design, water is evenly distributed among all plants – and excess water flows back into the water tank. This creates an eco-friendly recycling loop, which guarantees that no water is wasted.

Sleek and modern design

As result of multiple prototypes, higarden is now available in a sleek and modern design. It comes in a silver-metallic finish, which delivers beautiful depth and contrast to the hosted green herbs and colourful flowers. higarden is lightweight and can be easily hung on any wall.

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higarden is designed for modern urban people and businesses, mindful towards environment and with an eye to design. Its stunning architectural lines easily fits onto any wall and transforms any space into a green urban oasis.


higarden is a 360° piece of engineering,
conceived to serve and fill a wide range of needs.
Home Living
Conceived for outdoor use, like balconies, terraces and walls, higarden can also be installed in indoor spaces. Its elegant and modern architecture is equally suitable for large and small homes.
Organisations & Privat Business
Independent reports highlight the importance to cultivate plants in the office to improve air quality, due to a better production of oxygen and a higher degree of humidity to contrast the downsides of air conditioning. Other studies (see below) also show the positive impact of plants on concentration, workplace satisfaction and happiness. higarden is the ideal, affordable solution for those companies willing to invest in their own employees health and happiness.
We all acknowledge the importance of education. For this reason we would be delighted to collaborate with public, private schools and universities to help children and students studying agriculture, plants and their life cycles.
Public Sector
We collaborate with local municipalities, districts, cantons & villages for public projects, such as agricultural public gardens, where all citizens can take advantage of fresh herbs directly at their own squares and city halls.